Whether or not a guest stays at your vacation rental home again depends significantly on the amenities you provide. These little bonuses are a terrific way to make your vacation rental stand out from the competition and elevate it from excellent to outstanding in the eyes of prospective guests.

Why Amenities Have Become So Important

After a tough couple of years because of the pandemic, unique short-term rentals are driving the market recovery. This trend gives vacation rental owners a fantastic opportunity to set their property apart with subtle luxuries, cutting-edge technology and high-quality amenities.

Furthermore, the concept of “flexication,” in which people combine their work and vacation time, has evolved due to the move to a remote workforce. With the opportunity to work from “home,” people could work from anywhere.

According to an AirDNA survey, having access to numerous amenities at their vacation rental, notably BBQs, pools and indoor fireplaces, was a significant determining factor for more than a third of respondents.

So, to assist you in deciding what to add to your vacation rental, we’ve developed a list of popular amenities guaranteed to earn you top ratings.

Modern Amenities to Suit Today’s High-Tech World

Nowadays, guests want convenience, comfort, personalization and connectivity, which involves integrating tech solutions. A poll of digital nomads revealed Wi-Fi, smart TVs and streaming subscriptions placed above comforts like kitchenware and beds.

Digital nomads are your target audience since they are the main ones on “flexication” year-round. Moreover, such guests are willing to pay extra for high-speed internet, especially in rural regions.

Another effective tech upgrade is smart locks and keyless entry. They allow you to offer flexible check-in, which visitors enjoy.

In-Demand Kitchen Amenities

These amenities make your short-term rental attractive for more extended stays:

  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer and dryer
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Complete set of good quality knives, cookware (not just a spatula, but peelers, a bottle opener, etc.), glassware (including wine and cocktail glasses), crockery (including for toddlers) and utensils
  • Condiments, seasonings, cooking oil, etc.
  • Kettle and coffee maker
  • High chair
  • Pet bowls
  • Welcome pack with goodies to make your guest feel special and appreciated

In-Demand Living Room Amenities

The living room should be the comfort zone. Include amenities that will allow people to enjoy spending lots of time there, like:

  • A smart TV linked to surround-sound Bluetooth speakers and a game console for children
  • Books, board games, puzzles, etc.
  • Smart HVAC system and lighting for customized temperature and light settings
  • Universal chargers and adaptors
  • Information pack with guidebooks, maps, recommendations, etc.

In-Demand Bedroom and Bathroom Amenities

A good vacation and a good night’s sleep go hand in hand. Therefore, the following amenities are crucial:

  • High-thread-count sheets and extra pillows (with additional sets for changing)
  • A smart TV
  • Storage with plenty of hangers and an iron
  • A crib
  • Blackout curtains
  • Earplugs and a sleeping mask
  • Extra towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Hairdryer
  • Typical toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion plus bonus ones like razors, bath bombs and face masks

People are ready to pay extra for longer stays, unusual accommodations and amenities now that they can finally travel again. For more information on the continuously changing housing market, contact Network Title today.