About Network Title

Network Title, Inc. serves the greater Twin Cities metro area, with clients throughout both Minnesota and Wisconsin. We are an independently owned and operated, full-service title company handling all aspects of real estate closings. Network Title has provided services to Midwest real estate agents, lenders, attorneys, corporations, builders, and homeowners since 1993.

At Network Title we provide experienced title services for the ever-changing real estate market.

  • Standard Closings
  • Non-Standard Transactions
  • HUD Sales
  • Short Sale & REO Closing Specialists
  • Title Insurance & Other Title Products
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Mobile Closers & Multiple Closing Offices
Barb Rodriguez
Barb RodriguezPresident and Owner
Direct: 651.366.6116
Email: brodriguez@network-title.com

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Shauna Galatzer
Shauna GalatzerOperations and Production
Direct: 651.366.6118
Email: sgalatzer@network-title.com

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April Bryan
April BryanClosing Assistant
Direct: 651.366.6119
Email: abryan@network-title.com

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Jim Galatzer
Jim GalatzerExaminer
Direct: 651.366.6123
Email: jgalatzer@network-title.com

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Tisha Mandt
Tisha MandtClosing Assistant
Direct: 651.366.6133
Email: tmandt@network-title.com

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Angela Rodriguez
Angela RodriguezProduction Assistant
Direct: 651.366.6120
Email: arodriguez@network-title.com

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Renee Garbers
Renee GarbersScheduler
Direct: 651.366.6134
Email: rgarbers@network-title.com

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Samantha Haglund
Samantha HaglundAdmin Support/Accounting
Direct: N/A
Email: snorden@network-title.com

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Jill Robinson
Jill RobinsonAdmin Support/Recording
Direct: 651.366.6115
Email: jrobinson@network-title.com

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Heather Carey
Heather CareyClosing Assistant
Direct: 651.366.6136
Email: hcarey@network-title.com

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Randy Rodriguez
Randy RodriguezPost Closing Support
Direct: N/A
Email: rrodriguez@network-title.com

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Robin Green
Robin GreenClosing Assistant
Direct: 651.366.6128
Email: rgreen@network-title.com

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Sarah Strate
Sarah StrateClosing Assistant
Direct: N/A
Email: sstrate@network-title.com

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Tina Hill
Tina HillProduction Assistant
Direct: 651.366.6126
Email: thill@network-title.com

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Victoria Von De Linde
Victoria Von De LindeReceptionist
Direct: 651.366.6127
Email: vvondelinde@network-title.com

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Kay Voss
Kay VossClosing Assistant
Direct: 651.366.6132
Email: kvoss@network-title.com

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Kelly Zangs
Kelly ZangsClosing Assistant
Direct: 651.366.6125
Email: kzangs@network-title.com

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Jennifer Armstrong
Jennifer ArmstrongPost Closing Support
Direct: N/A
Email: jarmstrong@network-title.com

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Alexis Fasching
Alexis FaschingProduction Assistant
Direct: N/A
Email: afasching@network-title.com

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Melissa Ferguson
Melissa FergusonPost Closing Support
Direct: N/A
Email: mferguson@network-title.com

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Rachel BlanchardClosing Assistant
Direct: 651.366.6117
Email: rblanchard@network-title.com

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