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Barb Rodriguez


Barb Rodriguez is the President and Owner of Network Title, Inc. She is an active staff member participating in any and all aspects of the business that require her expertise and experience, including closing, post-closing, production, title searches, and more. Barb started in the title insurance industry in 1984 and quickly worked her way up in the business. She started with Network Title in 1993 as a partner and purchased the company as sole owner in 2000. She has immeasurable knowledge in the working of this industry and has experienced just about any transaction difficulty you could imagine. She is well versed in finding resolutions to even the most confusing and frustrating situations. Her years of experience, knowledge, commitment to customer care, and ability to solve any problem combine to make her one of the best in this business! Barb is a Notary Public for the State of Minnesota, a Licensed Closing Agent, a Licensed Title Insurance Producer, and a Licensed Abstracter.

Shauna Galatzer


Shauna Galatzer works in Operations and on the Production team. She joined the title insurance industry in 1990 as an office helper, and since then has participated in many different aspects of the business including production, closing assistant, post-closing, accounting, and human resources. Shauna has been with Network Title since 1993. Shauna’s experience in so many areas makes her a valuable member of the Network Title staff, helping out wherever necessary. She has a strong commitment to customer care and strives to keep every one of our customers satisfied with our service. Shauna is a Notary Public for the State of Minnesota, a Licensed Closing Agent, and a Licensed Title Insurance Producer.

April Bryan


April Bryan is a Closing Assistant for Barb. She joined the title insurance industry in 1998 with Network Title. April has worked in almost every department, including production, closing assistance, closing, post-closing, accounting, recording, and marketing. Her training in multiple areas gives her a better understanding of how the complete process flows, which in turn helps her answer many questions and follow up thoroughly with our customers. April has a true talent as a customer service representative and is always eager to help customers get what they need in a timely manner. April is a Notary Public for the State of Minnesota, a Licensed Closing Agent, and a Licensed Title Insurance Producer..

Jim Galatzer


Jim Galatzer is an Abstracter, Examiner, and Property Inspector with Network Title. He has been with us since 1998 when he joined us as a Property Inspector, or as Jim would say, “The Plat Guy”. He quickly added Abstracter to his list of duties and moved into the Examiner position in 2001. Jim works hard to make sure that all transactions are handled with a sharp attention to detail and that any and all issues are thoroughly examined for our customers. He has a knack for seeing the “whole picture” when it comes to property history and is a true industry expert. Jim is a Licensed Abstracter.

Tisha Mandt


Tisha Mandt is a Closing Assistant. She has 10 years loan processing experience prior to joining Network Title in 2013. Tisha’s loan experience is very beneficial to our clients and customers. Drafting the documents necessary for a smooth transaction and providing customer service are all areas of expertise for Tisha, who is a U of MN Duluth graduate. She knows that building a strong rapport with clients is essential to great customer service and she is ready to answer any questions you may have. Tisha is a Notary Public for the State of Minnesota, a Licensed Closing Agent, and a Licensed Title Insurance Producer.

Angela Rodriguez


Angela Rodriguez works as a Production Assistant. She joined us in 2013 to help the Invitation Homes project, where she gained extensive knowledge of the industry. She now processes all new title orders and assists in the production of final policies; making her both the first and last one of us to touch your file. Her goal is to create trouble-free transactions through attention to the details. Angela has an uncanny eye for detail, making sure all your documents are complete and accurate.

Renee Garbers


Renee Garbers is a Closing Assistant that focuses on scheduling at Network Title. She started in the real estate industry in 2009 and has experience in production and appraisals as well. Renee’s previous experience owning her own company allows her to view our office and customer service needs from a unique perspective that benefits our customers. She is very customer service oriented, very calm and encouraging even in a stressful environment, and is organized and efficient. We were happy to welcome her back to our closing team this year. Renee is a Notary Public for the State of Minnesota.

Samantha Norden


Samantha Norden is a Production Assistant. Since starting in 2011, Sam has helped out in many different departments; making her our go-to gal for various administrative projects. Over her years here she has become very knowledgeable about the industry and is a valuable asset to our team. She currently works part-time while attending the University of Minnesota for her degree in Agricultural Education.

Jill Robinson


Jill Robinson is an Administrative Assistant that works part time. She has a knack for organization and helps us stay on top of all our bookkeeping. She has been working with us on and off since 2013. Jill’s delightful personality is a wonderful addition to the office.

Janet Monahan


Janet Monahan joined us in May of 2016 as our Title Commitment Typist. Catching on quickly, she began to also help with Final Policies. Janet has an extensive background in the title industry, working since 1997 with a focus primarily in Production. Her attention to detail is very strong which is important in her position. This team player makes us smile everyday with her quick wit and “can do” attitude. Janet is always willing to go the extra mile, no matter the task. Her kind listening ear and empathetic personality play a huge part in her amazing customer service.

Heather Carey