Investing in a vacation rental property is a fantastic way to maximize your monthly cash flow. And updating that property can further boost your income. In addition, homeowners who make minor improvements to their property enjoy increased bookings and excellent reviews.

Travelers today tend to prefer vacation rentals to hotels. When searching for a place, they will usually pick an upgraded home to unwind from their daily adventures more comfortably. Therefore, your vacation rental must stand out.

The following updates convince people to book and leave outstanding reviews so you can start making a return on your investment immediately.

Maintain Curb Appeal

You want your guests to be amazed right when they arrive because first impressions are everything. This 5-star impression means picking weeds, replacing dying plants, pressure washing the walls and driveway, etc. Guests expect the property to appear as good or better than the internet photos. Their holiday will be spoiled if they are unsatisfied.

If you really want to make an excellent impression, purchase some stylish outdoor furniture. The more you can do to keep your front yard tidy and inviting, the better!

Turn the Backyard into a Relaxing Oasis

A nice backyard can significantly enhance your guests’ experience. More considerable improvements, like pools and Jacuzzis, can improve your rates, while simple ones like fire pits and rocking chare improve ratings.

Upgrade the Primary Bedroom and Optimize Additional Sleeping Spaces

Renters typically seek to escape reality and enjoy luxury. Assume that they will not participate in activities outside and make your home their preferred destination! A king-sized bed with fresh linens, soft pillows, and blackout curtains for early morning sun protection will surely please.

As for the other bedrooms, maximize their sleeping capacity. Furnish them with bunk beds and your living room with pull-out couches; the more sleeping areas you can provide, the better.

Upgrade the Bathroom

Consider creating a spa-like experience for your guests by providing bath products, candles, towels, and robes. In addition, make the bathroom ADA handicap-accessible.

Provide a Fully-Functional Kitchen

One of the reasons travelers opt for a home is the kitchen. Therefore, your kitchen should have lovely cabinets and counters and be stocked with cookware, dishes, and cutlery. In addition, splurging on high-quality appliances and dining furniture will pay off in the long run.

Include Bonus Amenities

  • Install a home security system so your guests feel safe.
  • Provide extras, like bicycles and other sporting equipment.
  • Leave maps, restaurant recommendations and other helpful information in a visible location. Anything that can facilitate their trip will be much appreciated.

If you don’t have a vacation rental yet but are looking into the opportunity, contact Network Title today—we can help!