From the advent of new technologies to changing consumer preferences, Network Title has kept pace with the times to stay relevant and competitive in the ever-changing Twin Cities real estate market. Whether you’re a property owner, real estate professional, or buying or selling a home, see how the Network Title team has adapted and evolved over the last three decades of business and how these changes have helped us build the reliable and dedicated team of property title professionals we are known for today!

Here are some of the biggest changes we’ve taken on in the last 30 years:

  1. A small computer bank shared by the whole team → A computer on every desk
  2. Picking up closing packages by courier → Receiving closing packages primarily via email or a client portal
  3. Mobile car phones and pagers → Smartphones always at hand
  4. Working remotely!
  5. The explosion of social media presence for businesses
  6. Traveling to conferences and seminars Joining via Zoom
  7. In-office closing meetings In-home or third-party locations
  8. Dial-up internet → Broadband → Reliable wireless internet access
  9. HUD settlement statements → Closing Disclosures
  10. Working in a leased office space → Owning our own building
  11. Primarily phone-based communications → Primarily email
  12. Thousands (and thousands) of paper files → Cloud file storage
  13. Availability from 9 AM to 5 PM → Always online via smartphones
  14. County records on microfiche → Online access to most records
  15. Typewriters on every desk → One put aside “just in case”
  16. Saving documents on a floppy disk → Saving to a hard drive → Saving documents to the cloud
  17. Physical abstracts and certificates of title for properties being passed on to purchasers → Simply a deed
  18. Closing only in-person → Digital e-sign and e-notary options
  19. Driving deposits to the bank → Direct deposit online
  20. One tiny screen per computer → Multiple large, high-resolution screens per computer
  21. Adding machines → Spreadsheets → Computers handling calculations
  22. One Network Title office location → Five fully-staffed locations → One fully-staffed main office and four remote locations
  23. One printer for everyone to share → Multiple printers/copiers → Several individual printers for easy access
  24. Manual tracking of post-closing items → Spreadsheets and file tracking statuses
  25. Paper copies of every closing → Digital copies of each
  26. Correction tape → the “Backspace” key
  27. Stapling everything → Stapling almost nothing
  28. 2 inch thick files → Less than 1/4 inch thick files
  29. An entire wall of files for final policies and recording → One rack for all paper files
  30. Recording documents physically in each county → e-Recording files digitally

What an incredible experience it has been working with our community over the last three decades! We hope you enjoy our trip down memory lane!