Fraud and forgery can threaten the ownership of your Minnesota home. Without the proper protection before purchasing your home, individuals can use false documents to make transfer claims or acquire a loan. Here are three tips to help protect you from becoming a title fraud victim. 

Strengthen Your Internet Security

Title fraud often occurs through Internet identity theft. Simple passwords that are easy to guess and used across multiple websites can make you an easier target. Change your passwords on a regular basis and make them different for each of your online login needs. Also, avoid clicking on links or emails from unknown sources. 

Maintain Your Properties 

Scammers will often look for properties that do not appear well maintained or that anyone lives there. For example, if you have a vacation home or other location you do not visit often, you can be at greater risk for title fraud. Instead, make these properties look lived-in by taking care of the lawn and having someone pick up mail. You may also want to review titles for secondary properties online every so often for signs of suspicious activity. 

Acquire Title Insurance Coverage

Title insurance coverage is vital to help protect you from title fraud and cover expenses if you become a victim. Make sure to review this protection regularly to ensure adequate coverage. Ask your real estate agent about other enhancements you can include in your homeowner’s policy to keep your title safe from theft. Report any suspicious activity immediately to law enforcement and your insurance agent.

Minnesota Title Fraud Search Protection

Once title fraud occurs, there may be limits on protecting yourself and your property. However, being proactive can ensure you enjoy your home for years to come. Network Title offers premium title services to help you protect your investment in your Minnesota home. Call to discuss your needs today.