There are certain features in a home that lend themselves to a vacation rental. Most of your remodeling should focus on aesthetics, comfort, and safety. Whether you are using the property as your own vacation getaway or plan to rent, make it an enjoyable place to stay any time of the year. 

Flooring Considerations

Although carpet is comfortable and cozy, it can become difficult to keep clean due to a property being out of use for long periods, or from dirt and spills. If there are dark spaces in the property, consider replacing flooring with more colorful options to brighten the space. For a more rustic feel, consider natural hardwood to create that country or forest retreat experience.  It is also important to ensure that flooring is safe from hazards such as damage that could result in a trip and fall, or protruding nails. 

Countertops & Kitchen Appliances

Vacationers may wish to save money by eating at the property. Make sure that your countertops are durable as well as attractive. Granite, quartz, ceramic, and glass are some good choices. Again, you can use wood if you want a more rustic feel to the property. Basic kitchen appliances are not often suitable for today’s discerning vacationers. Consider replacing outdated stoves and small refrigerators with more modern appliances. 


While you don’t need to spend over the top on furniture, you want the living spaces in your vacation rental to offer comfort. Materials such as leather are easy to clean and more durable than fabric. However, you should also consider institutional furniture as it is specifically intended for use in accommodation such as hotels or corporate offices. 


Lighting takes careful consideration. Less isn’t always more but, on the other hand, you also don’t want to create spaces that are always too bright. The simplest solution is multiple lighting fixtures that work independently of each other to brighten specific zones in a room. This will allow your guests to create their own ambiance depending on the occasion or mood. 

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