Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

The holidays are a great time to sell your home! You may have less competition and buyers tend to be highly motivated (read our next post to find out why). Staging your home during the holiday season is a little different than other times of the year. Consider these tips when preparing your home for showings.

Curb Appeal

Keep the blow-up characters in storage. Santa and Frosty may be a distraction from the beauty of your walkway and lawn.  Dim the lights just a bit. Not the lights inside – the outside light displays. Now isn’t the time to compete in the neighborhood lighting contest. The entrance to your home should be simple. White lights for elegance create an elegant look. If you do decide on colored lights, use one color and choose one that plays up your home’s exterior colors. Bring nature into your outside decor with a miniature potted Christmas tree or a single pine wreath.

Turn on the Lights

Days are short and many potential buyers will use the evening hours for viewing homes. Turn all the lights on in every room. Lighting sets the mood and creates a warm, welcoming feeling. Candles, as long as they’re the flameless type add to the cozy mood. If you have an electric fireplace, fire it up for showings. For daytime showings, open curtains and blinds and let natural light in.

Use Seasonal  Décor

The two holidays most often associated with the holidays are Chanukah and Christmas. Because these holidays are closely connected with religious beliefs many people celebrate by using religious décor. Keeping religious decoration to a minimum this year helps your home appeal to a wider range of buyers. Use seasonal accents instead. Snowflakes. Evergreen. Reindeer. These are associated with the holiday season and add a tasteful splash of the season without going overboard.

The Christmas Tree

If you celebrate Christmas, use a tall and narrow tree. Place just a few wrapped gifts underneath. The reason? Floor space sells homes. A slender tree adds height without taking up precious square footage. Removing one of two pieces of furniture opens up space for the tree. Consider using white lights on the tree – they look elegant and really appeal to buyers.

Color Scheme Really Is a Thing

You may not realize that bright red clashes with light blue. It also doesn’t complement earth tones. Use silver and gold this year – they both go with any color scheme. If you love bright red and can pull it off with your current color palette, go for it but do take time to look at the effect with an open mind, or an open eye.

Remember less is always better when you have a home on the market during the holiday season. Enjoy decorating but keep it simple with a few pieces you love. Home buyers are interested in how their belongings might look in your home. Overcrowding with too many decorations makes it more difficult for someone to imagine living in a home. If you’re still not sure how to prepare your home for showing, invite your realtor to come by and give you some pointers. Join us next month for more winter selling ideas.