Buyers rarely put much thought into the images on a Realtor’s site. Just like decluttering and staging, a homeowner wants to present the home at its best. After all, they want you to be interested enough to come and look closer. Knowing what you’re looking at in the images can save you time and prevent disappointing showings. So, keep these things in mind when looking at house photos during your buyer’s journey.

Professional Photography Techniques

Professional photographers make sure the house looks perfect. There’s a lot of work behind the camera to create those stunning images. These aren’t unfair tricks or any deception. They are legitimate tools of the trade, showcasing the photographer’s best work. But they can sometimes fool the eye, so it’s important you’re able to pick them out

HDR Photography

HDR Photography is a style that blends different images into one final image. By using different exposure settings, highlights and shadows can be overlayed so both stand out more than they do in real life.

Drone Photography

Drones are an excellent way to get extra impact out of exterior photos. However, some regulations limit how much a drone can capture surrounding areas, so it may not accurately represent the property size.


To capture the most square footage, photographers often use ladders to gain a slightly higher perspective for the photo. Although the intention is to show you as much as possible, it can sometimes make the room appear larger than it is.


Home photo sessions use both natural light and as much interior lighting as possible. Photographers also use their own lighting setups to increase interior brightness and bounce the light around. It creates beautiful, crisp and clear images so that you can see details. However, the room may not be as bright in person.

Imagine Yourself in the Home

Like all kinds of home staging, photography is designed to help you see yourself living in the space. So, no matter how much you love the house, make sure you do your due diligence. Network Title has the experience to make your transition into your new home perfect. Call us today at 651-482-9514 or reach out to us online for all your closing needs.